Map & Loom was founded in 2015 by Sarah Eller, a wandering textile artist who finds joy in working with fibers. Sarah is a Canadian currently based in Abu Dhabi.

In her own words… weaving is the lens through which I see the world, from exploring foreign cultures to connecting with my own ancestors. The slow, repetitive, and ancient process of making cloth inspires, challenges, and motivates me to seek new meaning and truth in all aspects of life.

While creating alone in my studio I might think about the ecosystems that nourished the animals and plants who gave me the fiber I’m using, or how many people across the world might be weaving at this exact moment alongside me? For me, weaving has always been a meditative and revealing craft.

On a simple rigid heddle loom and small four-harness table loom, I create handwoven patterned cloth that transforms into scarves, table runners and wall hangings. I try to use only naturally occurring fibers (wool, alpaca, yak, cotton, silk, etc.) and also enjoy natural dyeing and spinning. Each of my handwoven textiles is inspired by a place in the world, or a time in history. With a commitment to both traditional artistry and inventiveness, each piece is thoughtfully and carefully made by my own two hands, thread by thread.


Weaving in Laos