Charlotte Snow Day Weaving

Snow Day

January 17, 2018

Today was the first true snow day we’ve had in a couple years. Snow is a rarity in Charlotte and just a few inches completely shuts everything down. The world was so quiet this morning, the roads empty. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of a log cabin patterned scarf I just finished, inspired by the icy temperatures and starkness of winter. When my husband first saw it he said it reminded him of Helsinki. The funny thing is we visited Helsinki years ago in JUNE!

It was also the perfect opportunity to properly clean my rya rug that I made last spring. You throw the rug into a thick bed of snow and stomp on it and the snow crystals stick to any dirt particles, leaving it fresh and clean after you shake it out. You could probably do this with any type of thick pile rug but it felt especially satisfying to do it with a Scandinavian-influenced rya rug.

Stay warm out there east coast friends!

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